Growth capital

for sellers on

your platform

Parafin provides an end-to-end solution to offer one-click financing to your sellers.

Capital as a service

Increase your GMV

Grow your top line by growing the sellers on your platform.

Retain sellers

Solidify your relationship with sellers by becoming their financial provider.

Earn revenue

Unlock a new revenue stream by taking a share of every capital advance.

Leave the hard work to us

Math is our strong suit. We’ll provide you with everything from capital to underwriting and get you started in no time.

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Underwriting based on sales, not credit scores

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Fully embedded experience via SDKs and APIs

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Adjustable offers from $500 to $10,000,000

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Payment processor agnostic

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instant capital

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No financial or regulatory risk


Seamless origination experience and real-time performance tracking.

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Sellers on marketplaces, vertical SaaS, and POS platforms need money to grow and thrive. Parafin enables you to offer capital to your sellers.

Small businesses

Traditionally underserved by banks, small businesses need capital to hire staff, buy equipment, scale operations, or simply manage cash flows.



of profitable small businesses mention cash flow as their biggest challenge



typical time spent on paper work to get a bank loan


“Mindbody chose Parafin as its capital supplier because of its strong technical offering, low financing rates for small businesses and ability to move fast”

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“As we continue to listen to our partners and adapt our services and offerings to meet their needs, one key area where they have asked for support is quick and easy access to capital,” DoorDash Chief Revenue Officer Tom Pickett

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Who provides the capital?

Parafin provides the capital and takes on all the risk. There are no financial or compliance risks to your platform.

How much capital can be advanced?

Parafin offers funding amounts between $500 to $10,000,000. You can start with as little as 10 sellers and quickly scale up to all the sellers on your platform.

What's the user experience like?

We offer easy to integrate APIs and SDKs so that you control what aspects of the user experience lives within your platform and what doesn't. We dynamically adjust approvals for your sellers so they get the best terms and never have to face rejection.

How do I get started?

We are able to start with a simple no-code pilot which can take as little as 1 week to be up and running.

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