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Announcing Guesty Capital

Parafin partners with Guesty to launch Guesty Capital
Sahill Poddar
August 10, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Guesty, a leader in property management software, to launch Guesty Capital. Property managers use Guesty to manage short-term rentals efficiently by simplifying “the complex operational needs that [they] face on a daily basis – from guest communication to task assignment to payment processing”.

Despite murmurs of a decline, the global short-term rental market is expected to generate USD 315B by 2031 (up from 91.2B in 2021). If we narrow our scope to just the United States, both supply and demand have increased YoY. In 2023 so far, available listings increased 15.2% while the number of nights booked increased 25.6% YoY.

As a result, property managers must remain competitive not only through general maintenance and upkeep, but also continual upgrades to improve the guest experience. Guesty Capital fulfills both of those needs perfectly. Since property managers are pre-approved, they can get funds quickly for emergency repairs and start renovation projects sooner than if they were to wait for a traditional bank loan. Additionally, since payment is based on a fixed percentage of sales, property managers can feel at ease knowing that it moves flexibly with demand for their property.

We look forward to seeing Guesty property managers grow their businesses!


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